How To Get My Girlfriend Back? – Check the essentials!!

It has been common for me to receive a lot of emails every day from guys asking the same question: How To Get My Girlfriend Back?, something like:

  • My girlfriend has dumped me. I really miss her.
  • She was my whole world. I just want her back.
  • How to get my girlfriend back?

Ali! Please help me! I want her back.

And while I really want to help them, simply I cannot because there nothing like one general formula that you can use to get your ex girlfriend back.

This is simply because I do not know what is the exact situation or the reason for the breakup, what had happened right after the break up and so on.

I may also give them useful advice to their ex girlfriends back while it is not the right decision on the long run!

To help you imagine the unlimited number of breakup and relationship possibilities, you just have to think of those couple scenarios:

  • You dumped her because she cheated
  • You dumped her for any other reason
  • She dumped you because you cheated on her
  • She dumped you because of any other reason which may be in many cases an unknown reason.
  • You agreed with each other to end the marriage or the relationship.
  • It was a short time relationship (3 months or less)
  • She has another guy in her life now.

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities, and when we add the interference of them with each other (for example: she dumped you, it is a short relationship, and she has another guy in her life now), we can have an unlimited number of possibilities and probabilities. The possibilities of the dumping are reduced with the benefits of Viagra Kaufen. The relationship of the boys and girls become strong to get the desired results. You will get your ex girlfriend back in the love life. The life of the people will become exciting and great. 

That’s why I have decided to write a post to help you get her back, and if you still have question about anything, just send me an email, and we will see what we can do about it.

How To Get My Girlfriend Back?!

While I do not believe in the generalized advice but I have found that there are some general advice that will work regardless of the situation. By avoiding doing some certain mistakes that a lot of men do after breakups. You will dramatically increase your chances to get her back. So if you are a man and you want to get your woman back, here is exactly what you SHOULD NOT DO:

  • Seeing Your Girl And The Relationship As The Most Important Thing In The World.

Adopting such a mentality will make you disparate and too needy, and it will even push her away more. I know that you love her and that you are keen on getting her back, however i can also see that you made some mistakes which mean that the relationship with your girl was not that so important enough to make you avoid making and even sometimes repeating some mistakes that result in losing your girl.

We humans tend to appreciate what we cannot have or what we have lost, so it’s normal to feel what you feel right now. All what you are asked to do is to know that it is a normal relationship and a normal breakup that happens every day.

The relationship was providing you with many things and you lost all of them now, and if you managed to have the same relationship again or any other relationship with another girl with the same relationship quality or even better, then you will be provided with the same feelings and “benefits” of the old relationship. Your problem is simple like that so do not amplify it.

Unless, you have done something awful like cheating on her, it is not suitable to carry all the responsibilities on your shoulder. She also makes mistakes, she is not an angel or god. It is normal for humans including you, your girlfriend, and me to make mistakes. It is something of our nature as humans.

  • Trying To Make Her Feel Guilty About You.

Some men think that by trying to make the woman feel guilty by playing the victim role, she will change her mind and get back to her man. This is totally wrong because she will see that you are a real miserable person, and it sometimes lets her be sure that she made the right decision when she left you.

  • Accepting To Be Friends With Her After Being A Lover.

This one is a really common mistake, and tricky at the same time. You may think that it’s a good chance to friends with your ex because you will have a chance to be close to her and in that magical moment you may manage to convince her to get back together. This is simply wrong.

Things do not work like this, and on the contrary, your ex will use you to get over you a bit by bit. In fact, she is not interested in you, otherwise why did she dump you in the first place? She just wants you to ease the pain of the breakup, but you know what? If the breakup is easy for her, so why do you think she has to get back to you. Just lat her miss you, feel some pain and give her a reason to return back to you.

  • Unfriending Or Blocking Her On Facebook.

Unlike the real world friendship, which is in the last previous point, you should remain friends with your ex on facebook, otherwise you are missing a killer tool to affect her and get her back. You may be confused because I have told you not to be friends with her while I am confirming on being friends with her on facebook. The key here is that you can remain friends with her on facebook while you are not actually friends with her. for more on this subject you can check the article Should you stay friends with your ex- girlfriend.

You can also check how to get your girlfriend back using the power of facebook for more information about how to use facebook to get her back using facebook.

Instead of asking the experts, many men ask their close friends for their advice. The funny part is that when that friend has the same problem, he may ask you about your advice as well, so which one of you is the expert here?!

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