Foods On A Stick At The Fair

It’s Fair time. That annual rite of passage beckoning in Autumn that occurs in many regions around the world. This is the place to put your best foot forward and show everyone what you can do. Show the best cake; the best cow; and yes, the best food on a stick. The race is on to figure out just how many different foods can be put on a stick to increase their portability. This list barely scratches the surface of foods on a stick. Since there are several dishes in these carnivals it is really important that you learn about your allergies before you taste any of these food items. There are issues like lactose intolerance in which your body would not be able to digest any dairy product. In such cases, you should be avoiding dairy products to make your carnival trip more fun. But here they are in no particular order:

From down Louisiana way, there is Alligator on a Stick-a bayou regional favorite but can be found in Northern venues. Not especially thrilled with the thought of eating an alligator? Then consider a pork chop on a stick this can be especially flavorful if you add Cajun spices or your favorite seasonings. A variation of this one is the tenderloin on the stick. Look Mom no bone! Then for the hardy person, there is steak on a stick! You can just squirt on some of your favorite steak sauce and be off. Hum..wonder if you can locate a baked potato with sour cream? Sticking with beef one can have a beef kabob and make Mom happy because you eat your veggies! There is also a sausage kabob, same principle just different meet. Keeping with political correctness there is also a pork kabob. And can you believe corn beef and cabbage on a stick? Not sure how they managed this one but it sure tasted good. And another one that leaves me wondering how they do it Sloppy Joes on a stick. Pick up extra napkins for this one You’ll probably use them. Then believe it or not spaghetti and meatballs on a stick. They wrap the spaghetti around the meatball and deep fry. Just to include all meat groups there is also the offering of lamb on a stick!

Let’s not forget about a Reuben Dog on a stick-a sausage gingerly wrapped in sauerkraut and dipped in pumpernickel batter. Of course, there are classic corn dogs. These things come in all sizes and are a carnival tradition. Then there is the cheese hot dog not real messy as the cheese is on the inside of the hot dog. And for the more daring a wild rice beef dog on a stick

And for those of you who don’t eat red meat, there are the following meals on a stick. For the fish lovers, there is salmon, mullet, or walleye on a stick. Healthy food and add a little Tatar sauce and you’re on the way. We also have chicken kabob with veggies and grilled pineapple. Add a mango sauce for dipping and enjoy. Of course, technically they are not on a stick, but can you even consider this type of food without including grilled turkey dumb sticks?

For the fruit lovers, there are candy apples, caramel apples. All types of fruit dipped in a batter and deep-fried to a crispy texture. Key Lime pie on a stick is a taste straight from the Florida Keys. Okay, technically I know this isn’t a fruit but they do use lime juice.

Now let’s go onto the more exotic items that one can purchase on a stick. Scotch eggs hard-boiled wrapped in sausage and of course deep-fried. Another, how did they do that item, is amazingly Macaroni and cheese on a stick. Egg rolls on a stick. Hey, that one’s easy isn’t it? Have you ever had a Pizza on a stick, usually pepperoni or sausage? Of course, cheese on a stick seems easy enough, but what about cheesecake? Dip this in a strawberry or chocolate sauce and enjoy it. Do you like to east chestnuts? How about wrapping them in bacon and putting them on that stick? Cashews and pecans coated in caramel wrapped around a stick. And there are Pickles on a stick, not sure about this one.

Finally, the most important items to be placed on a stick, dessert! Chocolate of caramel-coated marshmallows. Try this one on your next camping trip. Kids will love the taste and for an added flavor dip in coconuts or chopped nuts. Of course you always include S’Mores on that camping trip. So just run a stick through the marshmallow and heat. Then there are chocolate frozen bananas, deep-fried Oreo cookies, fried Snicker bars, Belgian waffles, covered with chocolate and whipped cream. Scones with chocolate chips on a stick are an addition from our British cousins. They have been eaten just about in every way possible so why not add Twinkies to the stick and enjoy them plain or with your favorite fruit topping. Ever considered molding those Rice Crispy treats around a Popsicle stick? It makes it easier to carry and to enjoy.

Then there are the old standby’s that each of us is aware of like ice cream bars in just about any flavor you could possibly want to eat. Two old fashion standards are Popsicles and of course cotton candy. And of course, we can’t forget rock candy on a stick.

Everyone that has visited the local county fair or the larger state fairs have had the opportunity to purchase some variation of the foods listed in this article. But if you believe that this is just an American phenomenon consider again. Food items sold on a stick are an international menu item. One of the most interesting ones can be found at the Goose Fair in Nottingham, England; there they serve cock on a stick! Whoa, it’s a lollipop in the shape of a chicken!

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