Retrieve Your Lost Data On Android

Our lives revolve around our phone and we practically lose the world from under our feet if something happens to our phone for even an hour. Our world stops, our breathing becomes and we really start overthinking about all the possible things that could happen to our phone. We start looking up all the possible ways that we could fix our phone but nothing makes sense because all the instructions on the internet are way too vague or only work for certain models, which results us into just  getting exhausted but that is not the case over here and we are more than ready to fix your broken android data extraction problems and retrieve all your important data that could be crucial for your work.


Android Data Recovery Tool is the best tool that you could use to retrieve your files, documents, pictures and videos from your Android phone or tablet. This tool will help you retrieve data you lost by mistake and even root data or forgotten passwords from your phone or SD card. It works even when your phone has been attacked by virus, or freezing due to some kind technical fault.

  • Download Android Recovery Tool on your PC or Laptop and then connect your phone or tablet to it using your USB.
  • After you are done with that, then select USB Debugging from Settings>> Developer Options.
  • The application will ask for your permission to scan your phone and you should be selecting Allow.
  • After you have selected that, the various categories of files that you might need to retrieve will be shown on the screen and you can select your option from it.

After this you can select the files that you want to restore and it will restore them for you and your work will be done.

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