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One major concern for every man is to not satisfy his woman enough. Men try their level best to pleasure their lady love. Sadly, it’s quite difficult to please a woman in bed and in order for you to take her to heaven and back while in bed you need to follow these tips which are proven to help you perform like a master in the bedroom.  Get the best penis pump to strengthen that erection.

  • Increase your Kama Sutra knowledge:

The heavenly book of sex has mentioned various ways that help in delaying ejaculations which usually can be practiced with consistent training. One of the techniques is that initially men must take it slow. Along with sexual advice, the book also helps you with various sexual positions that can tickle your woman and please her in ways you cannot imagine.

  • Confidence is the key :

Performance worries make you a bad lover. Making assumptions about your poor performance can really turn off your partner’s mood. Many sex experts have mentioned that a positive and confident approach towards a sex session can improve your performance to great extents. A nervous or a negative attitude towards sex on the other hand makes you a bad lover. Men usually get demotivated because of the self allegations that run through their mind.

  • Spice it up:  

Increasing your foreplay with your woman can definitely be a huge turn on for her. Try talking naughty, you can always slide your fingers through her sensual parts, try playing with her nipples, pull her close to you, stick her up to the wall and tease her sensually, you can also rub your penis on her vagina or her breasts. There are several ways for a man to add the zing to the otherwise routine sex life. Sex experts guarantee you that by trying these ideas you are surely going to set her in the mood for a crazy night.

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