Adding Flair to Your CSGO Character

CSGO is all about action and strategy, especially within tournaments where players battle it out with others players for prizes and bragging rights. Aside from the experience you gained and the weapons you hold, another thing that can add to intimidation or the ‘wow’ factor would be CSGO skins. Especially if these are CSGO free skins, at least the opponent doesn’t have to know that you got them for free. But where can you find them? Well, provides just what you need.

Featuring thousands and thousands of skins for weapons, you can have your pick at any skin and all of them are for free. In terms of money you won’t have to pay for anything but the CSGO skins do come with a catch. Basically, what you have to do is earn some points and exchange those points with the skins that you want; the more stylish the skin, the higher the points required. Instead of money, you’ll be spending time and effort in earning points for the skins that caught your interest so it’s still technically free.

The first step is to log in your Steam account on their website in order to gain access, you’re not required to create another Steam account; that would be inconvenient and bothersome. After creating the account, you can begin earning points by answering surveys, playing browser games, downloading and installing applications and many more. Whenever you get tired of doing the small tasks, invite a friend to have a go at the account. Once enough points is earned, withdraw the item that you want and that’s all there is to it. If you want more, just keep on earning the points until your avatar becomes incredibly stylish; it sends a great message across opponents during tournaments.

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