The Sims Franchise Will Never Go Out Of Style

It has been nearly seventeen years since the first Sims game was released into the world. Originally created by Maxis, this game franchise has gone on to sell over 200 million copies internationally. Today, it is still going strong despite the controversy that it has experienced through the years. Just what is it that makes The Sims Franchise so strong?

It’s highly creative

At the time of its inception, there were hardly any other simulation games out in the market. This franchise started a whole developmental revolution. The novelty of being able to create your own character, design and build your own home, and even live out several lifetimes wasn’t something that was available back then.

It was not really surprising that people took to it so well.

It’s a good port in a storm

Gaming has always been a tool for relaxation or escapism. Nothing quite says escape like being able to live someone else’s life. Or more specifically: living a version of your own life like you’ve always wanted.

This game franchise enabled millions to escape their own messy lives for a while and just focus on getting their “Sim” toward their life goal.

It’s good business

The Sims franchise has enjoyed major sponsorship through the years. Big companies like H&M, IKEA, and others have made “expansion packs” that feature their products. Singers like Katy Perry, The Veronicas, and many more have made “Simlish” versions of their actual songs.

As players go through the game, they are constantly exposed to these products and more likely develop an affinity toward the brand.

To Close

The Sims franchise has recently released a new expansion pack for their latest game: Sims 4. It goes to show you that this franchise is strong and will continue to go on for years to come.

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