Is General Surgery The Best Option For Throat Cancer?

trieu chung ung thu vom hong is a form of cancer which is localized at the base of the nasopharynx, an irregular growth of the cells leading to a lot of maladies. The symptoms are not so peculiar but proper diagnoses can be done by biopsy.

There are quite a number of treatment methods for throat cancer even though they differ in duration of time and the effectiveness of each treatment. Most people try to avoid being cut open as much as possible and this is due to possible unforeseen complications. However the method of treatment is dependent on what stage the cancerous cells have attained and also the choice of the affected person. Before considering the option of a general surgery, here are a few other options to give you a broader perspective and set of choices;

The use of biological drugs – these drugs help to boost your immune system and to destroy diseased cells. The biological drugs act to inhibit the production of proteins which is usually manufactured by the cancerous cells for multiplication. This is a very powerful and effective way of getting rid of the throat cancer cells. Some very potent biological drugs are – Bevacizumab, Pazopanib, Icotinib, and Cetuximab

Palliative treatment – this is employed at a critical stage when an attempt at a cure is futile, this is simply a management stage in order to keep the patient as comfortable as possible within this period. Ultimate focus is on controlling the symptoms.

Therapy by radiation – this treatment is done by using radioactive rays to destroy cancer cells. This is usually done on early detection on cancer cells. It comes with side effects as well ranging from inflammatory reactions and injuries to death of uninfected tissues and possibly blindness.

Surgery also has a side effect of possible blindness due to the closeness of the infected cells near the skull. The decision of the best alternative is better communicated by a doctor after proper diagnoses.

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