Frequently Asked Questions In Grinderscape

As you jump from one Top 100 RSPS list to another, you’d probably notice that GrinderScape places high up on the list, if not the top. By trying out the server for yourself, you’d know that it offers a lot more than all the others, for that reason players have continued to vote for it. But there are parts of the game where players usually have a ton of question about, we’re here to shed some light on the frequent ones.

How to Begin Playing?

Well, you must first visit their official website and download the game client; it’s supported by both Windows and Mac. In case you encounter problems during the installation, first post an inquiry in the forums and we’re sure a player would be more than happy to answer your question. An account is not required if you want to play, just login with the username and password of your choice; of course if the username is already taken then it will say ‘invalid username.’

Where are the Shops in the Game?

Majority of the shops in the game can be found around the northern area. Players also have a choice of other shops found in Neitznot, Yanille and Varrock. Just press the world map icon located underneath the minimap to give the shops a quick visit.

What are the Best Features of the Server?

  1. Decanter –a fully functional decanter found in the Grand Exchange, it decant all potions you wish with about any dosage.
  2. Boss Pet – when a player kills a ton of bosses, you’ll be able to obtain one out of the numerous Boss Pets as an amazing accessory.
  3. NPC Kill Tracking – the system lets the players track their progress when it comes to the boss kills alongside the best kill time on record.

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