Schools For All Ages

Considering if Martin Modern can accommodate your family or academic life?

Like Guocoland Martin Place, Martin Modern has one of the best locations in the city. A great advantage of this is its proximity to many great schools. Whether it be elementary, or the best graduate schools in the city, you’ll never have to worry about your commute being too long. Distance and location will never stop you or your children getting the best education possible.

Elementary schools for your children
Several of the best schools in the city are but a few miles from the site. Your children’s education defines their worldview from an early age. The early schooling they receive sets their values and creates their first impression of the society surrounding them.  Don’t settle for anything less than the best. The first education they receive should be the absolute best they can get.

Martin Modern’s location in District 9 explains the great nearby schools. This prime access allows you to get your children to school with little hassle. Forget the days of having to sit in traffic for hours every day. You’ll never have to settle for second-class education because the best options are too far away.Always highly rated schools like the Anglo-Chinese School, St. Margaret’s, and ISS international school are all less than a 12 minute drive away. A few schools like the River Valley Primary School and EtonHouse Pre-School are just a few minutes walk from your doorstep.

Graduate Schools for professionals

While schooling immediately rings of elementary schools kids or college students, the location of graduates schools can be equally important. Busy professionals thinking about obtaining a part-time Masters degree shouldn’t have to worry about commuting distance draining even more time from their busy schedules.

The National University of Singapore is a manageable 15 minute drive from your apartment. The University of Chicago Booth School is just 5 minutes away, and Singapore Management University just 10 minutes away.

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