Has GTA 5 Had Its Cons?

Like any other thing in the world, GTA 5 has had its rough side too. Man is to error they say, and again no one is perfect. This can explain why the release of this mega game has not had total support from everyone. Aside from the fact that the game has competitors who would not tire in finding faults in the game, the game setting is contradicted by some. This may cause an adverse effect on the GTA 5 download. The work and effort put in till the release of this game is tremendous and it would be rather rude not to recognize that. However, it has some drawbacks that include;Criticism; this has been common with all the other GTA series. However, GTA V has had to face more of this compared to the previous releases. The price of the game is not discounted and the customers are not happy with it. The missions are many but recently only three missions paid off and only one topped up to $ 1,000,000. Again about the missions being very long and their taxes been so high, a minimum number of non-heist missions paid off. The pc version was not left out as it was highly exposed to hacking and nothing much was done about it.Controversies; the gameplay is wanting. According to the game, a player is supposed to torture a target in place of the government which does not depict a good social image. There are also tragic methods of torture. Having to knock someone down by hitting them with a wrench on the kneecaps and genitals has had people unhappy. Electrocution is also involved and pulling out of teeth with pliers. Those methods really are against human rights and such kind of torture may lead to death.

The game setting has been disapproved in some sections that are clearly offensive to the human nature.

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