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Perfection For The Best Plagiarism Avoiding: What You Need

The subject of plagiarism is more than hot, it is hot. Through its watch, the Training Support Service seeks to identify the manifestations of this problem, to keep abreast of the solutions and resources that emerge in academia, as well as to pay attention to the fundamental debates that arouse. This question: And if the plagiarism was cultural? What can teachers do then? An initial survey cannot exhaust the question.


When plagiarists get caught, they all seem to be naked. They all plead inadvertence (non-intention). As an explanation, some journalists argue the confusion that develops after a while between the text they are writing and the copy-and-paste text that they insert there, without taking the time to indicate that it is a loan (reference, italic, quotation marks …). Others admit that they are not sufficiently equipped in terms of research and note taking. Some people go so far as to claim that it is the fault of the Internet and the great, too high speed of the medium. You need the right plagiarism tool for this.

Some strategies

As the cause of plagiarism lies more in the middle, there may be work to be done to better inform students about the problem.


The first proposed strategy is one of awareness and Harris lists five recommendations in this regard.

The very first recommendation addresses the need for academic requirements for work to reflect the reasons students say they are cheating. For example, because students are overworked and cannot manage their time, it is recommended that teachers break up the research into a number of steps and set a timetable that starts very early in the semester.