Sports- A Career Option

Gone are the days where sports was just taken as a way to be active and fit and could not be taken as a career option. Now, other than being an active sportsperson, there are other sports related works like sports management, medicine and journalism which could make good career options. To make sports as a career one needs to be enthusiastic, fit and dedicated. To be a sports manager or trainer, one has to complete graduation in physical education. 10+2 is the least required qualification and government provides financial support to talented students in form of scholarships. To support talented students, there are many associations and councils set up.

Sport is a form of physical activity which helps in developing skills. It is a form of entertainment to the audience and have some set rules which are strictly followed. Apart from physical sports, esports and mind sports has been trending nowadays. In Esport or electronic sport, there is a competition between professional video gamers. International Olympic Committee wants to incorporate esports into the upcoming Olympic games. In mind sports, the competition is purely based on the use of mental abilities rather than physical ones. Board games and chess are considered to be mind games. There are something called as combat or fighting sports which involves one-on-one competition between contenders. Kick boxing, boxing, wrestling are included in combat sports wherein the one who scores more points by beating the opponent is the winner. Strength sports includes power lifting and weightlifting which involves testing of the strength of the player. Track games include running, high jump, long jump and javelin throw. Some physical games include controlling of an object to beat the opponents. Object games includes basketball, hockey and football. Taruhan togel is a game where people anticipate sometimes by superstitious means the number (2, 3, 4 digits) that will appear.

Sports helps to improve mental as well as physical health. It helps to improve heart rate, lower hypertension, maintain weight, boost metabolism, improve sleep and avoid cardiovascular diseases. It can even reduce stress and boost confidence level and decrease depression problems. Over all, sports can help us live a healthy and long life.

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