Halloween Shirt Ideas For The Pregnant

Being pregnant makes it difficult for most women to find an attire that would suit them or make them feel good and comfortable with themselves. It is also a challenge wearing ordinary t-shirts, as the stretching could eventually cause the fabric to be loosened too much that it would not look good to wear in dire situations. If you are a soon-to-be-mom looking for pregnant halloween shirts and ideas on what you can wear, below are some great ideas for you.

My Mom is My Costume T-Shirt

This shirt will definitely provoke minds, where it’s going to be the baby that would be the center of the said costume. This is one that makes people think that the baby’s mom is his or her costume, which makes things creative for you, and is best when you would want to put the baby at the focus of it all.

Kick or Treat Maternity Shirt

This black, long-sleeved blouse has a simple graphic that’s meant to be placed directly above the surface of the mom’s belly, and despite how it sounds, it still is really cute and gives a festive spirit for the Halloween season without freaking the kids out, and without sacrificing your comfort as well. For cold, winter nights this is the best.

Skeleton Baby Tank Top

While skeletons in general freak people out, this one puts a cute spin to it. Beneath a drawing of the ribcage and a cute heart is the skeletal system of a baby, which may be spooky and provides the Halloween feels really well. This tank top is great not just for Halloween, but for times when you would want to feel cool as well.

Wrecking Ball Costume

This creative costume places a big grey circle on the area where you have the belly, and it is meant to be worn with a necklace that has a doll that mimicks Miley Cyrus hanging on chains.

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